lift maintenance companies in jeddah

Welcome Elegant Innovation

Best elevator maintenance companies in Jeddah

Welcome Elegant Innovation

Best lift maintenance companies in Jeddah

lift installation companies in Jeddah

Welcome Elegant Innovation

Best Lift installation companies in Mecca


We have an excellent and experienced engineers & technical team for new equipment installation ( all type of elevators, escalators & moving-walks of “Xizi” & other major brand )


We provide 24/7 hours maintenance service & preventive maintenance service to keep equipment very smooth & comfortable for long future.

Renewal & Reconstruction

We have very efficient work force with excellent design & engineering for renewal and reconstruction of old equipment.

Spare Parts

We supply genuine spare parts for all type of elevators, escalators & moving-walks of “Xizi” and other major brand at very good price.


“Elegant Innovation Company” is a reputed elevator servicing company in Saudi Arabia. We are providing installation and maintenance service for elevators, escalators & moving-walks since 2005. Our product brand is “XIZI”, which is the world’s largest manufacturer and maintainer of people-moving products.

We never compromise on the quality and the services provide to the customer. We believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them with products at a very competent price. Our Aim is to provide quality and reliable vertical transportation for the movement of people and goods in a safe and conducive environment using our knowledge, skills, professionalism & passion so as to maximum customer satisfaction.”Read more >

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lift maintenance companies in Mecca KSA
 lift maintenance  companies in Jeddah
 lift maintenance  companies in Jeddah

elevator maintenance companies in Jeddah
escalator installation companies in Jeddah



Leading Lift Maintenance Company in Mecca, Jeddah.
your most trusted escalator installation company in Jeddah



Also called moving staircase, moving stairway. a continuously moving stairway on an endless loop for carrying passengers up or down a means of rising or descending, increasing or decreasing, etc., especially by stages: the social escalator is a moving staircase consisting of an endlessly circulating belt of steps driven by a motor, which conveys people between the floors of a public building.

A moving walkway or moving sidewalk, also known as a travelator, travolator, or travellator, is a slow-moving conveyor mechanism that transports people across a horizontal or inclined plane over a short to medium distance. Moving walkways can be used by standing or walking on them.


UN-VICTOR machine room passenger elevator is one kind of high quality passenger elevator. It is best choice for such places as residence, business building, office building, business center and hotel etc.Read more >
Machine room less elevators (usually shortened to as M.R.L. or MRL) are a type of either traction or hydraulic elevator which do not require a machine room for the elevator.Read more >
A home elevator is often permitted to be of lower cost and complexity than full commercial elevators. They may have unique design characteristics suited for home furnishings, such as hinged wooden shaft-access doors rather than the typical metal sliding doors of commercial elevators. Construction may be less robust than in commercial designs with shorter maintenance period.Read more >
Bed Elavators are commonly found in hospitals, code-blue service allows an elevator to be summoned to any floor for use in an emergency situation. Each floor will have a code-blue recall key switch, and when activated, the elevator system will immediately select the elevator car that can respond the fastest, regardless of direction of travel and passenger load. Read more >
One of the most prestigious types of elevators products are panoramic elevators. They can be located in shopping and business centers, hotels, restaurants and homes. Panoramic elevator - an essential element to the architectural design of the building.These lifts are installed in order to revive the architectural ensemble and make it more stylish and attractive for visual perception.
Externally attractive, panoramic lifts to help passengers not only comfortable to move between floors, but also allow to get aesthetic pleasure from the contemplation of the outside of the building space, thereby increasing ridership and encouraging people to shop, which is especially important for shopping centers. For people with a fear of confined spaces are no problems with the rise in panoramic lift.Read more >
Goods elevators are typically larger and capable of carrying heavier loads than a passenger elevator, generally from 2,300 to 4,500 kg capacity. Freight elevators may have manually operated doors, and often have rugged interior finishes cab (which called enclosure[1]) to prevent damage while loading and unloading.Read more >

Elevator Maintenance Services: Keeping Your Vertical Transportation Running Smoothly

Welcome to our elevator maintenance services page, where we are committed to ensuring the reliable operation, safety, and longevity of your vertical transportation systems. We are one of the best elevator companies in Saudi arabia. Elevators are an integral part of any building, providing essential mobility for residents, employees, and visitors. Regular maintenance is essential to maximise the lifespan of your elevator equipment, minimise the downtime, and ensure the safety of passengers. At elegant lifts, we offer comprehensive elevator maintenance services tailored to meet the unique needs of your building, ensuring that your elevators operate smoothly and efficiently.

The Importance of Elevator Maintenance

The regular elevator maintenance services are helping in identifying and addressing potential safety hazards before they escalate, ensuring the safety of passengers and building occupants. Also the Preventive maintenance helps minimise downtime and costly repairs by identifying and addressing issues proactively, keeping your elevators running smoothly. Regular maintenance helps ensure that your elevators comply with regulatory standards and requirements, reducing the risk of fines or penalties. When you are keeping the maintenance helps protect your investment in elevator equipment by maximising its lifespan and performance.